Our goal for all types of projects, is to answer tough questions that help ensure everlasting, deep-rooted success of your property development.


How Do You Build a
Thriving Community?

We know this to be true: every project revolves around the community it serves. The long term success of your space is closely tied to the prosperity of the people that use it. Knowing this, we don’t develop buildings simply to change the skyline, and don't stop building after the ribbon cutting. Community activation and programming is crucial for financial stability.

For a creative, mixed-use development, the if-you-build-it philosophy won’t cut it. Breathing life into a community isn’t easy. Experience tells us it’s a key component to the success of a program though. From development planning, to ground-breaking, to programming, we never stop building.

New or Existing Real Estate Development?

Whether you’re starting with an existing facility or envisioning a development from the ground up, we can help you navigate every step of the process.

New Building

With a brand new build, all eyes are on you. Understanding the complexity of developing inspired environments that foster collaboration requires a partner who’s done it before. From construction and planning, to financing, leasing and programming, we can guide you through the develop, manage and activate process of bringing an Innovation District to life.

Existing Building

Is the building that will be the foundation for your vision already built, but tenants just aren’t connecting? We can help you infuse meaningful programming that draws attention of corporations, startups, university leaders and community organizations.

Legacy Buildings

Transforming used spaces into reimagined, state-of-the-art facilities requires a deep understanding of both building performance management and the needs of existing and future tenants. Through systems audits, market research, and tried-and-true programming experience, we’ll counsel you to create profitable centers of inspiration and opportunity.


How Do You Activate a Community?

What makes a community thrive? Who do you involve? How do you introduce a curriculum of programs to get the desired outcomes you’re seeking. It can’t be forced, and it certainly won’t happen on its own.

We approach programming strategically. We’ve proven that our principles work and our process addresses the unique needs of key stakeholders.


How Important is Programming?

A beautiful building that’s empty is a mere background for the street it sets on. It’s all about what happens inside.

Strategic programs help ensure connections between people and ideas, inspiring waves of innovation that continue to bring people together and breathe life into your space.


Who Do You Involve?

University researchers, corporate innovators, startups, and other community stakeholders benefit from our programming every day. That’s by design.

Our process cultivates the right conditions to address the unique needs of your stakeholders. We elevate their voices within planning and development and align them to your vision through programming and messaging. We can’t guarantee innovation. But we can lay the groundwork for collaboration that sparks new ideas.


Let’s Collaborate.

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